Multipoint Handles Explained

Multipoint handles are typically used for external entrance and patio doors in the home. Designed for use with a multipoint locking system and euro cylinder, multipoint handles engage multiple points of locking to ensure high levels of security. 

Types of Multipoint Handles

At Stonebridge Forge, we offer many multipoint handles to cater for various applications throughout the home:

Handle Type


Product Image


Designed with a euro profile lock on both backplates, entry multipoint handles allow locking from both the internal and external side of the door for maximum access. This type of handle is available in sprung or unsprung options.

FB1073RH - Curl Multipoint


Designed with a euro profile lock backplate and a blank backplate, patio multipoint handles allow locking from the internal side of the doors only - allowing for increased security by restricting access from the external side of the door. This handle is unsprung.

FB1074RH - Curl Multipoint


Designed with blank backplates, passage multipoint handles are to be used in applications which dont require locking. This handle is typically used in biparting door applications whereby one door is to be used as a passage door. This handle is unsprung.

FB1075RH - Curl Multipoint

Please note: we do not supply multipoint locking systems, for more information please contact a joiner.

Sprung vs Unsprung Multipoint Handles

The Stonebridge entry multipoint handles are available in two options - sprung and unsprung. The main differences between these handles is the backplate design and the appropriate locking system. 

  • Sprung multipoint handles have been designed with a spring cassette within the backplate which returns the handle to its original horizontal position after use. Therefore this type of handle is appropriate for use with any quality locking system. 
  • Unsprung multipoint handles are not fitted with a spring cassette and rely on the spring within the lock mechanism to return the handle to its original position after use. We therefore recommend fitting unsprung multipoint handles with a high quality locking system with enough tension to return the handle to the horizontal position after use to reduce the possibility of drooping handles. 

The visible differences between Stonebridge sprung and unsprung multipoint handles is the dimensions of the backplate. A sprung multipoint backplate measures 240mm x 32mm x 12mm, whilst an unsprung multipoint backplate is 250mm x 35mm x 7.5mm. Due to these dimensional differences, we recommend that sprung and unsprung multipoint handles are not mixed and matched throughout the home (particularly on biparting doors) to ensure a harmonious look.

Sprung Multipoint Handle
Unsprung Multipoint Handle

Left Hand vs Right Hand

Whilst our Padstow and Arundel door handle designs are universal in handing, we ask customers to state the handing of our Curl multipoint handle range upon ordering due to the products asymmetrical design. This ensures that the fixing holes within the handles backplate are installed to the internal side of the door, increasing security. If the external face of the door is hinged to the right, you require a right handed handle. If the external face of the door is hinged to the left, you require a left handed handle. 

Left Handed
Right Handed

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