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Finish & Maintenance

Forged Steel

Our Forged Steel Finish is extremely durable internally and externally.

A Patina is applied and then burnished to reveal a subtle steel finish revealing highlights of the manufacturing process, finally a clear powder coating which gives mid pewter colouring. Stainless steel fixing screws add to the durability of products finished in Forded Steel.

An occasional wipe with a damp cloth will be sufficient to clean this product, do not use metal cleaners or aerosol sprays.

Natural Black

This finish is the most traditional of choices for Forged steel.

The surface is heated and oxidised to produce the natural black colour, then dipped in hot Beeswax, as the wax cools It hardens giving a protective finish.

This finish is NOT suitable for exterior use, from time to time you might experience a small degree of surface rust, if this occurs rub with 00 grade wire wool and re-apply maintenance wax, buff with a soft cloth.

Please make sure your room is completely dry especially after plastering before fitting this product.


Like everything, a little maintenance every now again will make sure Stonebridge gives you years of pleasure. Oil moving parts occasionally, make sure you choose the right products for the correct application, we do not recommend using products in coastal areas due to the high salt content in the air.

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