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New Armor-Coat Announcement

18 December 2018

Stonebridge’s new Armor-Coat™ finish certified best in the industry


Handforged architectural ironmongery expert Stonebridge is enhancing its high-quality range with the launch of two new all-weather finishes that have been certified the best in the industry.

The new Armor-Coat™ flat black and satin steel finishes have been independently tested and certified to the full BS EN 1670:2007 Grade 5, the highest possible standard.

The test requires products to be exposed to a neutral salt spray under controlled laboratory conditions for 480 hours and the results showed ‘exceptionally high corrosion resistance and suited to service indoors and outdoors in exceptionally severe conditions where long-term protection is required.’

As well as providing outstanding protection from corrosion, the Armor-Coat™ finish is also highly UV rated and resistant, to protect from fading in sunlight or harsh weather.

“We’re really pleased that the test results have reinforced the confidence that we already had in the Armor-Coat™ finishes,” says Ian Smith, Design & Brand Manager at DJH Group, owners of the Stonebridge brand.

“To come through a 480-hour salt spray test is a massive achievement. No other product on the market has achieved anything close to this standard under independent test, while the Armor-Coat™ showed no notable signs of corrosion at the end of the test.

“These results back up our ‘fit and forget’ philosophy, meaning joiners don’t have to worry about being called back to refit corroded hardware.”

Not only does the Armor-Coat™ finish mean that no other steel product on the market is more corrosion resistant, but the new finish has the genuine appearance of heritage steel and is suitable for use with Accoya wood, including colour-matched stainless steel fittings.

Also, all hinges, fasteners and stays feature new corrosion-proof, coloured stainless steel pivot joints and bearings, where required, for smoother operation.

“Because the individually designed Stonebridge range is engineered and forged, it’s very precise and consistent in size, making it a pleasure to fit,” said Ian. “Combining the superb styling with this unique, industry-leading, hard-wearing finish and our customers have the choice of products that are second-to-none.”

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